$0 Fee to exit

Low Rates, Fast Processing, No Contracts, No Traps, Quit Anytime

GoGo company offers free PAX A80 credit card machines, providing you with a smooth and efficient checkout experience

Free Benefits

Free card swipe paper

Free online payment gateway, online gift card sales, reservation deposits, product sales

Free customer appointment system

Free registration for Google Map

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Product Description

GO GO PAY, Start Accepting Payments for Your Store Now!

Low Transaction Rates, Transparent Fees Always Available for Inquiry

No Binding Contracts, No Termination Fees for Exiting Anytime

Free Card Reader, Fast and Reliable Pax A80

Contactless Payment, Supports Various NFC Platforms

Multiple Payment Methods, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Mobile Apps

Free Printing Paper, Unlimited Supply on Demand

24/7 Online, Bilingual Technical Support in Chinese and English

*Apply now to use Go Go's card reader and enjoy discounts on our other services

Purchase Go Go's popular POS customer management system at a super low price, and receive a free appointment website

Get an independent domain name and customized appointment website at a super low price

We'll help you register on Google Maps for free, saving you the time of reading Google's complex registration rules

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Our Advantage

Suitable for companies, restaurants, massage, beauty, and other industries, offering low transaction service fees, pledging the highest rate limit. Accounts can be closed at any time with no additional fees. Provides 24/7 technical support in both Chinese and English

Free $20 SMS credit
Get $50 OFF when applying for website development
Get $100 OFF when ordering the management system
Free registration for Google Maps, and setup for Yelp accounts
Free troubleshooting for Google account issues
Quality Features

POS Member Checkout System

Our system can be applied to various industries, including restaurants, beauty salons, nail salons, massage parlors, furniture, building materials, restaurant wholesale, small supermarkets, and more.

Marketing Support

Robust sales data analysis to aid your business operations and adjustments, mass marketing SMS, data aggregation reports, all automatically sent to the boss's email.

Customer Self Service

Customer self-service ordering, reducing reliance on waitstaff, online reservations, points inquiry, online ordering, and more are highlights of the system.

Online Synchronize

Multiple stores, several staff members can simultaneously manage and place orders using multiple computers, iPads, and mobile phones.

Why Choose Go Go Sys Inc

Integrity Operation, Technical Strength, Professional Initiative, Excellent System Scalability, Customized Development.

High Flexibility

  • Membership Management
  • VIP Shop Management
  • Product & Manufacture Management
  • Staff & Technician Management
  • Orders & Reports Management
  • Appointment & Scheduling Management
  • SMS Marketing

In addition to the basic features we provide, you can tailor a corresponding software management system according to your store's business needs.

You only need to bring your own computer, mobile devices, such as IPad, Surface, Pad, iPhone, Samsung, all compatible.

Tech Support

  • Computer, Printer Repair
  • Affordable Networking & Hardware
  • Tech-Repairs
  • Wholesale Consumables
  • Software System Upgrades
  • Data and System Restoration
  • Remote Maintenance Support

We recommend suitable computer and consumable devices for you, which you can purchase locally at Best Buy. We also offer some competitively priced products.

100% Low Price Guarantee

  • Self-service Network, Cost-Effective
  • Eliminate Intermediary Agents
  • Independent Software Intellectual Property
  • Direct Collaboration with Banks
  • Strict Control on Credit Card Fee Rates
  • High-Value Cash back Strategy
  • Most Software is Free

Most of our software services are offered for free, with only a few requiring installation fees. If you bring your machine to our office and meet the store opening conditions, the installation fee is also waived.

Our credit cards are directly represented by First Data, cutting out intermediaries. Our rates are much lower than the bank system, and we also offer points back.

Online Document

  • Software System User Guide
  • Detailed Operation Steps in Video
  • Customer-Editable Sharing Documents
  • API Call Examples

Store staff can learn and address operational issues based on video operation steps.

We also provide a collaborative platform where you can upload and modify help documents, earning points in return.

Apply online now and receive a free appointment scheduling platform

As of today, beauty salons, massage parlors, salons, and retail stores can apply and use the checkout software system for free

Backed by strong technical prowess, we provide customers with professional, personalized, and stable high-performance software systems




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