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Web Construction

Suitable for companies, restaurants, massage, beauty, and other industries, offering low transaction service fees, pledging the highest rate limit. Accounts can be closed at any time with no additional fees. Provides 24/7 technical support in both Chinese and English

Numerous Templates

Super deluxe website templates, saving you time and costs

Technical Expertise

Local development, seamless service, high development efficiency

Automatic Promotions

Multi-platform promotion, saving advertising costs

Website Common Features


Monthly billing, suspend anytime

Local Development Team

Better access to technical support, addressing your issues directly.

High Speed Internet $15/Month

The United States network, fast website loading speed, quick troubleshooting, and easier indexing by Google.

Online Payment

Reservation deposit, monthly ACH automatic debit, credited on the second business day, costs lower than other payment companies.

Positive Reviews

Interactive positive reviews on Google and Facebook, boosting the store's reputation.


Interface-based development, easy to upgrade, considering the future.

General Cost of a Website

As a platform that can provide information to customers 24/7, a website is the most cost-effective means of promotion. How do you calculate your budget for creating a website? Consultation on the following four essential costs is necessary before starting your website.

Website Development Cost

This is the human resource expenditure for website personnel, and it represents the most significant upfront cost. The price varies depending on the amount of content, the level of functionality, and the responsibilities involved. (* Basic version only $149; Standard version with booking for $399.99)

DNS Cost

Website access name, it is recommended to purchase from a major domain name provider such as Of course, Go Go company also offers free domain names, you just need to choose their hosting service. (* Go Go provides free Domain Name )

Website Hosting

24-hour uninterrupted website operation is possible due to servers and networks working around the clock. Hosting and hosting fees are allocated for this purpose. Larger companies may choose to purchase and deploy their own infrastructure, but this comes with significantly higher costs. It is not recommended for ordinary users to undertake such purchases themselves. (* Go Go only $15/mo )

Later Modification and Maintanance

As website content needs to be updated and expanded over time, it involves significant manual labor costs. If you find an affordable company, it can save you a considerable amount of expenses in the long run. It is not recommended to choose a company with time differences or delayed modification services, as it may lead to increased costs for your project. (* Go Go: Enjoy 2 complimentary hours of revisions annually, with additional hours at just $30/mo )

Go Go Company strives to save you money with our cost-effective solutions. We purchase domain names in bulk and have ample server space. We offer free domain names, extremely low monthly fees, high technical expertise, and a high return on investment.

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Most of the software we provide is free of charge, customers often opt for our low-cost credit card package, which includes free software system usage authorization

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Backed by strong technical prowess, we provide customers with professional, personalized, and stable high-performance software systems



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