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Free Website, More Pages, Better Functionality

Just by using our credit card terminal, get a free website with multiple pages, allowing your store to spread more widely online

True $0 monthly fee
Unlimited free appointments
Free appointment inquiry
Appointment Feature

Free Appointment Scheduling Feature Provided

With our booking feature, you can effortlessly manage client appointments, provide a convenient booking experience, and effectively organize your schedule

Appointment Manage
Allows administrators to view, edit, and cancel appointments, as well as manage the appointment schedule
SMS Reminder
The mobile reminder feature can promptly send users upcoming appointment reminders via SMS or app notifications
Location and Navigation
Provides store address and map navigation functions for users to easily navigate to the appointment location
Appointment Management

Calender View, Appointment Manage

Our web system offers an intuitive calendar view, allowing administrators to easily view, edit, and adjust appointment times. Whether it's adding new appointments, modifying existing ones, or canceling appointments, it can all be conveniently done through the calendar view. This intuitive interface design makes appointment management more efficient and convenient, enabling you to better organize and schedule your workday

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Valor Paytech Terminal

Terminals currently available on the market do not have enough space on their display screens to show the entire transaction information such as the total sale, tip, Non-Cash Charge, and tax lines. Some companies, like PAX, are using the tax line to display the Non-Cash Charge leaving the customer clueless on what the tax fees are on their transactions. Valor has the ability to show all the transactional information for customers to see as well as add additional customized information.

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