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SMS Functionalities

Minimum Cost $0.025 per Msg Lowest There Is

SMS can make your business appear smarter, saving you more on labor costs

  Bussiness Activity

How to manage business events for 200 or 20,000 people?

  Payment Notification

Payment notifications for customers, electronic wallet balance notifications


Exclusive digital coupons; your customers will surely perceive your company as sophisticated

 Appointment Notification

Customer appointments, timely reminders, never lose a single customer

 Advertising New Product

Instantly send new product images and text to all customers


Automatically send customers a birthday message, it's very necessary!

Appointment Reminders

  • Keep track of your schedule at all times

  • Ensure your customers never miss any appointments

  • We offer reliable appointment reminder services

  • Don't miss out on any business opportunities easily

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Bulk SMS Business Ads/News

  • Instantly send SMS for new products, effortlessly promote together

  • Send image information with one click, allowing customers to understand immediately

  • Automatically sending customers warm birthday wishes via SMS

  • Seize the opportunity, choose our SMS push service

Google Reviews

  • Posting 5-star reviews on Google Store to attract more potential customers

  • Helping you leave impactful reviews on Google Store, boosting brand exposure and awareness

  • Managing Google reviews to enhance user engagement and brand image

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We provide more customized SMS services

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